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Copyright Notice

VRF Protocol

VIP Royalty-Free
The PowerPoint templates at CollegePPT ( are all under the VRF Protocol, which means they adhere to this licensing agreement, and the copyrights are owned by CollegePPT.

The VRF is a new copyright licensing model. Once you purchase a PowerPoint template from CollegePPT, you can download and obtain the rights to use the PowerPoint template works for life, free of any time or geographical restrictions, and without the need for attribution. You are free to use these PowerPoint template works for:

  • · Personal commercial applications under your own name, or for businesses/organizations to use under their respective names, as well as for learning and communication purposes.
  • · Download and modify these materials/works as needed.
  • · Use without needing to provide attribution.


  • · Transferring, selling, or renting any CollegePPT PowerPoint templates, including but not limited to ppt source files, image content, text content, etc.
  • · Compiling or editing CollegePPT PowerPoint template content into new templates for sale or rent.
  • · Distributing content from CollegePPT PowerPoint templates.
  • · Providing CollegePPT PowerPoint template content for download to others or other institutions or businesses.
  • · Claiming copyright ownership of CollegePPT PowerPoint template content.

Important Note:
Some photography, illustrations, and icons used in the CollegePPT PowerPoint template works are sourced from CC0 licensed materials/works. For the usage protocol, please refer to the "CC0 License Creative Commons."

For images that involve third-party portrait rights, they should be used in accordance with the clear identification or description within the image. If there is no clear copyright attribution, please do not use them commercially.